Friday, 13 June 2014

The World Cup & Funky Neon Necklaces Part II (the clasp!).....

Well, the sun is still shining and even the football players in the World Cup seem to be embracing the trend for neon (their boots were so bright in that first game I could hardly watch the game!)  I shall have to think of a World Cup inspired make - especially with Fathers Day coming up!

In the meantime here is part II of the neon necklace project that I promised to post - and a great way of making your own cord 'clasp' which you will be able to adapt to use on all sorts of other necklaces.  

We pick up where we left off at the end of the last post  - i.e. where your necklace is pretty much complete with just a simple set of 'ties' at the back.   Here goes...

The first thing you will need is some fairly sturdy craft wire - I used 1.0mm gold plated. You will also need some cutters, round nose pliers & flat nose pliers. Oh - and a pencil... it's very useful for this project!

how to make your own jewellery clasp with wire

Working from your reel of wire, wrap the end around a pencil several times to make a nice coil  - not too tightly though or you won't be able to remove it!

Slide the wire off the pencil and use your round nose pliers to turn a loop on one end...

Then use flat nose pliers to 'straighten' the loop so it sort of sits on top the coil of wire...

wirework project

Now turn the coil over and do the same on the other end.  If the wire end is a little long simply trim it. 

addicted to making

Use flat nose pliers to sit the loops nicely on either end of the coil....

handmade wire clasp

Now all you have to do is thread the cords through the coil clasp and gently give the top & bottom wires of the coil a tiny squish with your flat nose pliers - just enough so that you can still slide the clasp up & down the cords but also enough that it won't slip off them easily...

how to make your own jewellery clasp with wire

And there you have it... simple, cheap and useable for many other things too :-)

(don't forget you could plait the cords too if you wanted too....)

Happy Making!

All text & pictures (c) Addicted to Making 2014

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