Monday, 23 June 2014

Doodles & How to crochet a Granny Square.....

Crafting in the sunshine.. it doesn't get much better than that does it?! 

Last week it was tempting to spend every day outside but I had a website to build and a stack of other paperwork-y stuff to do so all the creative moments were a bit snatched or guilty because I knew I should be inside.

However, by Friday night the paperwork was done and the website launched which meant I did get to soak up a few rays & chill in the garden over the weekend  - total bliss - and play with a new blog project idea bubbling round in my head which was largely triggered by two things:

The first bit was inspired by accidentally hitting the I'm feeling lucky button on my browser when I was web building last week which took me to all the 'Google Doodles' (try it but be warned you can loose time real fast!) - it got me thinking about the colours of the word Google....

The second bit was having had a couple of friends bemoan the fact that they would love to crochet granny squares but couldn't quite get the hang of it....

Now you probably already know how much I ❤️ Granny Squares (any excuse will do!) so I just put the two thoughts together and came up with the idea of a Google inspired Granny Square tutorial!

So, if you are having trouble with your naughty Grannies I hope this will help you sort them out..(I've even added proper 'Step' number headings so you can keep track of where you are if you have to break in the middle of making one!)

Here goes....

Step 1
Gather your hook, scissors & Google colour yarns..
how to crochet

Step 2 (Round One)
Begin by attaching your blue wool to your crochet hook...

Step 3
Make 5 chain...

Step 4
Make a circle by joining the last chain back to the first chain with a slip stitch..

Step 5
Now make 3 new chain stitches - these will act as the first treble stitch...

Step 6
Now make 2 (real) treble stitches into the circle and then make 2 chain stitches....

Step 7
Now make a new 'cluster' of 3 treble stitches into the circle...

Step 8
Make 2 chain stitches and follow that with another 'cluster' of 3 x treble stitches...
Google inspired crochet Granny Square

Step 9
Make a further 2 chain stitches and follow that with another 'cluster' of 3 x treble stitches and 2 more chains...

Step 10
Now slip stitch to the 2nd chain in your first 'treble' and fasten off.   
Well done - that's the first round done!

Step 11 (Round Two)
Now connect your red yarn into one of the chain spaces & make 3 chain stitches as your first treble..

Step 12
Make 2 treble into the same space to make your first red cluster, followed by 2 chain...

Step 13
Now make another cluster of 3 trebles into the same space, followed by a single chain stitch...

Step 14
Now make a new cluster of 3 trebles into the next chain space, followed by 2 chain stitches, 3 more treble stitches and a single chain stitch...

Step 15
And repeat (Step 14) into the next chain space.. 

Step 16
And repeat (Step 14) again...ending with a slip stitch to the 2nd chain in your first 'treble' and fasten off. 
step by step tutorial on how to make a granny square

                        And that's the second round done!

Step 17 (Round Three)
Now hopefully you are getting the hang of this by the time you are connecting your yellow yarn?  

The basic trick is: 
Make 1 x treble cluster in the side spaces plus 2 x treble clusters in each corner space  (I make 2 x chains between the clusters on the corners but only 1 x chain between each cluster on the sides)...

Once you have mastered that idea you can happily add as many round as you want to your squares! To make it a 'Google' themed granny you need to add another round in blue....

The another round in green...

how to crochet

And finally, one more round in red...

Don't forget to tidy up your granny by sewing in all the loose ends!
google colours

How to crochet a granny square
The Google(inspired )Granny Square!

I'm actually thinking this could make a fun blanket or retro style cushion cover for a boys room (I know it's not only my son who's addicted to all things electronic!)..

Happy Making :-)

All pictures & text (c) Addicted to Making 2014

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