Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Year, floods & drowning in beads!

Happy New Year to You :-)

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and got lots of new crafting goodies to play with?  

What a start to the new year we've had with all that rain - the ground around here has just about had it and if there is much more I am seriously considering if my woodwork skills are up to making an Ark!  We started to feel a little stir crazy over the holidays so got out and about taking some snaps...

We had to face the scary flooded roads...

Putting the 'Lake' into Lacock?!

Poor drowning tree!

Definitely no nice country walks today!

Oh well, at least it's nice weather for Ducks..

Flooded fields on the way to Bath...

Baths disappearing weir...(sounds magical but really not!)

As with the beginning of any new year, you get that kind of 'must do' feeling such as must get fit...must eat more healthily... and in my case - must sell off the remaining BBL bead stock! 

'It' (as in all those tubs of beads I have been ignoring so well for months now...) has been sitting here for almost a year since I closed my bead shop and after being messed around for ages by a potential buyer I can finally no longer stand it and have gone full steam ahead towards selling it!

Random mix ups...

Once they're gone they're gone!

It's not exactly what I wanted to do but I am staying determined and getting it all bagged up into lovely jubbly mixes at super bargain prices (cross checked versus eBays finest deals!) Some are random mix ups like those above which will be a first-come-first-served kind of sale and some will be one-bead type mixes of all sorts of colours...

Price examples are like this 250g of super large flat
 oval glass beads at £4.99!

250g of gorgeous large glass rectangle beads... only £4.99!

6mm round glass beads - a whopping 500g for £8.99! 

100g for £4.95 - that's over 180 beads! 
Huge 500g bags like these next 3 pictures are only £4.99/each

(if you are interested in any of the beads send me a message via the blog or contact page
 so I can give you a total price with P&P  etc. Paypal Payments & UK only.)

I've also been getting down to sorting out pendants and, with Valentine Day just around the corner, have re-discovered all these gorgeous hearts...I'd forgotten how much I loved them and how excited I used to get when a new shipment of beady goodies arrived!

Super bargain prices at £1.25 each or £7.99 for one of each!

and more!

There's loads more to sort too in all types, shapes, sizes & colours.  It'll take  while and it's quite hard work lifting boxes, sorting, taking pictures, pricing etc.  In fact, I think I need a make break right now...hmm.. which heart shall I pick to play with?

Happy 2014 Making!