Friday, 27 June 2014

Freya, the Steampunk Necklace &TGIF...

And ..... RELAX!  It's nearly the  beginning of the weekend (depending on when your day ends of course, and if you don't have to work over it!)

I thought I'd pop up a tutorial for the weekend, this time taking my inspiration from the naming of  'Friday' which appears to have many origins including several Goddesses of Love:
 Venus (Roman), Aphrodite (Greek) or Freya (Norse) 

I have chosen Freya as my inspiration. As well as 'Love' she was also a goddess of Fertility, Divination and one of the Valkyries  (great wiki explanation of them here).  Freya was also known for her magical necklace, the 'Brisingamen' which was forged by dwarves.

So, with all that spirited-warrior-women-flying-around thing and love going on I think I found the perfect focal Steampunk style charm in my stash for a necklace for Freya  which I've also strung on layered chains.  Here's the step-by-steps...

You will need..... your jewellery pliers, a focal charm, two different sizes of chain, large jump rings and a toggle clasp. I've used gunmetal/antique silver tones.

how to make a chain necklace

Start with 2 x lengths of the smaller link chain that each measure approx. 37cm

Steampunk Necklace

Take the first piece of chain an loop both end links onto a jump ring...

Then lie the chain down so you can find the middle link...

Slip the middle link onto the same jump ring (it doesn't really matter if the chain twists when you do this).

Now add the focal charm to the same jump ring and close it.
Heart with wings

Repeat on the other side with the second piece of chain.
Steampunk Necklace

Use a jump ring to connect the small linked chain bundle to a piece of the larger link chain.

make jewellery

Repeat on the other side of the focal charm...

Biker chic

Measure the chain per your preferred neck length and use jump rings to attach the toggle clasp pieces

Steampunk Necklace

Here's the finished piece - fit for a warrior love goddess!
step-by-step-tutorial free

It also has a bit of  'Biker Chic' to me too - just imaging it teamed with a denim jacket & boots....

Have a great weekend!

All text & pictures (c) Addicted to Making 2014

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