Monday, 8 September 2014

Cherries, earrings & crochet...

Occasionally in life other things take over the things that you had planned to be doing and that is just the way it is here right now. 

always think of crafting as a great form of therapy or a good distraction technique so today, although there is not much in the way of blog musings, there is a little tutorial I've put together for a pair of mixed media earrings... cherry earrings because when things get tough you have to go find your own!

For this project you'll need a 2.0mm crochet hook, some jewellery pliers plus green embroidery thread, 0.6mm green coated craft wire, earring findings, jump rings and I've used 2 x 12mm red 'crochet' covered beads.

First, the embroidery thread is used to make two small leaves to compliment the crochet covered beads and they are quite simple as follows:  make 4 chain...

...then make 1 dc into the 2nd ch from the hook

..make 2 tr into the next chain stitch

make 1 dc into the last chain stitch
how to crochet

Fasten off and make another.  Sew the ends in neatly and put to one side ready to use later.
how to make crochet leaves

Next cut 2 x 6cm length of the green wire..

how to make earrings

Fold the end of one wire piece over as shown and thread the long end through the bead.  

Use the bent end to catch a thread on the bottom of the bead like a hook (i.e. so the wire won't pull all the way through).

Pull the long end so the wire is almost hidden at the bottom of the bead..
cherry earrings how to make

Repeat with the second piece of wire & bead..

Bend the tops of the wires over (equally) and trim to around 1cm..

Make a loop on the end of each and slightly bend the wire to make a cherry stalk 'curve'..

Attach each cherry directly to the bottom of an earring finding..
cherry earrings

Now use jump rings to catch the ends of the leaves so that you can loop them on the earring findings too...

just like so..

and that's all there is to it... sweet like cherries!

how to make earrings

Happy Making!

All photos & text (c) Addicted to Making 2014