Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Neon fingertips & funky necklaces...Part I

fashion necklace neon

It's been a long time since I painted my nails but this week I thought I'd try out one of the fab neon colours around this summer - everywhere you go there is fuchsia pink, bright yellow, lime, aqua clothes, accessories & jewellery.  I don't think my nail painting is as neat as it could be but it's certainly eye-catching!

Anyway, as I still have a stash of bright acrylic beads from the bead shop days, I thought I'd make my own neon necklace to funk up my look and, of course, I will also share the steps with you on the blog..

To begin with... you would need to gather up some colourful thick cord, a selection of beads, tiger tail, crimps, ribbon clamps and jewellery pliers.

how to make your own fashion jewellery

Cut 6 x lengths of cord that each measure around 40cm.  Then, holding three of the ends together, lie them on a piece of sticky tape and fold over the top.  This is a great way of keeping them together for the next step....

Sit the taped ends in a ribbon clamp...

making necklaces

Then use flat nose pliers to close the ribbon clamp securely... 

You should now be able to rip the rest of the  sticky tape off the cords, leaving the ribbon clamp in place...

Now you need to cut a short length of tiger tail for the beaded mid-section.  Slip one end through the loop in the ribbon clamp and then crimp it in place, right underneath.

how to make jewellery

Thread on a selection of mixed size beads  - don't worry about having everything completely symmetrical - it actually better with a bit of randomness! Remember to slip the end of tiger tail through the beads too so it doesn't stick out.

neon beads

I beaded approx. 15cm of tiger tail but you can make it longer if you want too. When you are happy with it, slide on a crimp, thread the end of the tiger tail through the other ribbon clamp loop, back down through the crimp and the first few beads -  pull it tight and crimp, then trim the end to neaten up if it is poking out between the beads.

At this stage, you could either simply tie the necklace on via the laces (and let the ends dangle prettily down the back, perhaps with an extra bead knotted on to each end?) OR... I have another idea how to finish this off with a pretty natty hand made clasp (will post later in 'Part II'...so do check back)

Make Jewellery

This necklace would look great worn with a vest at a summer festival or add a shock of rebellious colour to a plain white work shirt.  

***   Part II coming soon....

Happy Making!

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