Thursday, 8 May 2014

Blossom, Brides & Pretty Bangles...

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O, the month of May, 
the merry month of May!

...or so the 16th Century poem by Thomas Dekker goes.  Will you just LOOK at those gorgeous apple blossoms  - although they are already going over since I took this pic and all too quick for my liking! I want them in my hair. I want to dance in light spring rain. I want to make them... but maybe not today.

Ok, fantasy moment over.  I've finished the commissioned bridal pieces which means I have had time to have a play and as promised in my last post here's a super simple bracelet project that you can whip up in no time. All you need for this project is some memory wire, cutters (make sure they are the proper memory wire ones or you might blunt your ordinary ones), round nose pliers, crystals, pearls and a suitable charm.

To start, cut yourself a piece of memory wire large enough to fit your wrist but with a good overlap to allow for turning loops.
how to use memory wire

Use your round nose pliers to turn a loop on one end..

addicted to making bracelets

Begin to add some crystals & pearls in a pattern of your choosing (or random looks good too)...

memory wire bracelet

Add beads all the way around until there is just enough wire left to turn a second loop...

bridal charm bracelet

Now just add a pretty charm to one of the loops!

wedding day bracelet

..and in the words of our poet surely the bride will feel like a Summer's Queen ... 

bridal charm bracelet

Enjoy xxx

All photos (c) Addicted to Making.

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