Friday, 23 May 2014

Blue with a dash of pink..

Here we are at the end of another week and for the early part it was beautiful blue skies & fluffy white clouds all day! It was so warm & summery that I even (shock horror...) dug out an old pair of shorts & birkies!

Inspirational blue & pink!

I have been-a-making but also having fun with a spot of retail therapy. As nothing is quite ready to post yet as a new project, I thought you might like to share in my therapy and take a little peek into what I have been out gathering in readiness....  

First up is this total impulse buy which just needs a little spot of up-cycling to make it perfect for my craft space.  I just fell in love with the colour!

small vintage stool

Doing it up is really an outside job and unfortunately it's raining today, but it is a long weekend - hooray! - so if the weather cheers up I should be able to make a start on it...exciting :-)

Next up is another blue tone & very random purchase - even Teddie was curious! I have no answer as to why I got it (and Easter is long gone so I can't even pretend its because of that).  I just liked the pattern and colour..I guess it simply appealed to me...

Not for Teddies!

That purchase was quickly followed by this pretty vintage egg coddler. Again it happens to be in blue-ish tones and again I bought it for no apparent reason other than I like the 'Woodland' pattern...

woodland design
I may try actually using this one morning for breakfast...

egg coddler
Even the back of it is pretty!

Now, here's a bit of a clue as to what I might be making something with soon (and yes, it's blue again!)

blue felting fibre
Thought it was yarn?  Look again...

fibre wool for felting
(it's wool fibre for felting)

On a trip into Bath I also bought some new, thinner 'Doll Needles' for tatting (another little clue to what I have been playing with this week but more on that another time).  I was quite pleased to find this pack because the one's I have are quite thick and 'real' tatting needles aren't easy to find...

Tatting needles

And finally, for my irresistible, utterly gorgeous, dash of pink (with a touch of lime green)...

Squiggle yarn 432 strawberries-limes
Squiggly Squeeeeals of delight!

Don't ask me what I will do with it because I don't yet know!  I just couldn't put it down once I picked it up and when I do  make something with it I will let you know.

Anyway, that's me set up for the bank hol along with a spot of gardening, friends, family & Pimms!  And I really hope all this rain makes my newly planted runner beans grow :-)

runner beans
Grow beans grow!

Enjoy your bank holiday whatever you do :-)

All photographs (c) Addicted to Making

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