Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Sweet Peas, Crystals & Intermittent Fasting...

I have before me today, a sea of crystals.... sparkling in the sunlight..

crystal beads

  I could sit for ages just looking at them whilst they catch the light and throw out pretty little rainbows.. but really I should get on because one of today's tasks is working on a commission for some bridal pieces (I do have a bridal tutorial in the wings so will hopefully share that later in the week)

Also so far this week I have been pinching out my sweet peas which I planted a few weeks ago and which have simply shot up!
3 weeks ago...

1 week later...

sweet pea seedling
2 weeks later...


I can't wait for them to flower - I absolutely love their feminine, papery petals and the delicious perfumed scent of them.  I haven't had much luck getting 'bought' ones established in our garden in the last few years so this year I am planting my own seeds and keeping my fingers crossed.  I haven't decided where I will actually put them yet but there are a few sunny spots to choose from... I will keep you updated on their progress.

'Pinched out' (hoping they grow a bit thicker now...)

My other big 'to do' this week is to try out intermittent fasting as a way of both loosing a couple of pounds (ermmm...ok.. several pounds!) and enjoying some of the additional health benefits it is said to give.  You only have to search for the popular 'Fast Diet' (aka the 5:2 diet) to see how people sing it's praises.  I've never been one for dieting really and I am a terrible sugar snacker (biscuits... easter choc etc) so I hope I am able to keep on the straight and narrow with this simple plan otherwise there's not probably not much hope! 

So, I started with a 'fast day' yesterday and almost managed the target cals for ladies (which I would have made it if it weren't for a couple of dizzy sugar lows...and I'm not into it to feel ill!)  Anyway, today is a 'normal day' so I am having a nice amount of food to fill me up but, I am also now mindful of curbing that sweet tooth so my next 'fast day' isn't too hard.  Right,  I'm off to make another cup of green tea while I play work with those crystals...

green tea


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