Thursday, 30 August 2012

Paper butterflies....

Butterflies are one of my most favourite things - they have a 'special' meaning to me and I guess that's why they seem to end up in every craft medium I've tried!   

With it being nearly time for the kids to go back to school, I have to say it's shame it seems to have been mostly a wet English summer this year which has not only kept us indoors more than we wanted but has affected all kinds of things... not least the butterfly population and I haven't seen half as many as last year so far. 

Well, hopefully these little beauties might go some way to making up for the lack of them this summer!  As you can see, this week I've been playing with paper crafts which are great for kids and it's one of the cheapest indoor crafting activities to do!

paper butterfly

I made mine from some free papers that came with a craft magazine a few years back and never got used (yes, I am a hoarder too!) and then several more from colourful fashion magazine pages which are a good thickness for this kind of project - you just need to trim the pages into squares.   Finally, I simply used nylon thread to string them all from a circular plastic bag handle.  They certainly danced around in the breeze like the real thing when I was trying to photograph them!

Check out the tutorials page where I have just posted a new step-by-step for making these lovely, floaty paper butterflies and let me know what you think!

paper butterflies

Happy Making :-)

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