Wednesday, 1 August 2012

One for the Tate?

I am really liking my son's first 'abstract' artwork (cue 'proud mum moment')  At the end of last week, with the sun still shining we found ourselves with a free day and decided to try and find something we could do outside. So, after a quick shopping trip into town to get a canvas, we covered the table with sheeting and let rip with the paints!  I have to say I am not, nor ever have been,  hugely knowledgable or clever with painting but we both thought this would be a fun activity and, having surfed the net for examples of modern art, we also decided there were no real rules on design and certainly no limits on colours - all of which meant total artistic freedom!

Everything was set up but in spite of all the tubes of colourful paint available, this time G decided on a simple range of his favourite 'aqua blue' tones and went into a lovely chilled, trance-like mood whilst mixing & spreading paints onto the board (anyone with an 8yr old boy will get what a rarity that is!). When I asked if I could put his painting on the blog he said he would like to be quoted as saying 'It was really good fun!'

In terms of arty analysis, I'd like to think that the blues reflect his inner calm that day and maybe that slight resemblance to a flag reflects all the patriotic influences such as the Jubilee & Olympics? Ok,  you can stop laughing now.

We've hung it on his bedroom wall,  amongst his posters and other works of art and it is actually quite calming to look at....hmm...  maybe there is a budding talent there..... maybe I should send it to the Tate just to see what they would say ;-)

Enjoy your week!

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