Sunday, 12 August 2012

A tourist eye's view...

It's not that I really need an excuse to go shopping but it always feels extra good to have a 'proper' reason and for a couple of weeks now I've been making a list of crafting bits & pieces I need for a class I've been asked to run later in the year (plus a few extras for some little ideas I have been having...)

Yesterday I popped over to Bath for a spot of shopping & lunch before picking G up from an over-nighter with family. I had also decided to take my camera to get a few shots for a newsletter I've been writing and it felt really strange and touristy as, having grown up there, it's not something I've ever really done before! Anyway, I thought I'd share a few pics....

Bath Abbey....I must have walked past it a zillion times and have only ever previously taken photos of it on various New Years Eve's when the light has been bad and the churchyard filled with tipsy revellers! The churchyard is a great place to sit and eat a sandwich on your lunchbreak - no need for a book (or kindle)  as there is usually a busker or lots of 'people-watching' type entertainment.  Just be sure to watch out for the greedy pigeons who will try to get as close as they can to your food!

bath abbey

Couldn't resist this shot - can you spot the Centurian?  From this angle he looks quite real  and he never fails to remind me of Bath University freshers week with the streets full of over-excited toga clad (very inebriated) students! I may confess to having worn the odd DIY toga to a fancy dress party myself in the past too... well, you know what they say -  'When in Rome...' and all that ;-)

Ahhh..The Roman Baths.   Since my first school trip it's always been a dream to actually swim in it but sadly, unlikely to ever happen although I did learn to swim in 'The Old Royal Baths' which I remember as steaming and slimey bottomed due to the warm mineral water so I guess that is kind of close! This picture is taken from a street at the back of the museum where you can just see the top halves of some of the stone Roman figures surrounding The Great Bath.  If you want to find out more about this historical place of wonder have a look here

Bath city

'Bath in Bloom' is an annual event that always ensures a good amount of tumbling floral displays - both in town and out (in actual fact many neigbourhood gardens get quite competitive over it!).  Anyway,  if flowers are your thing there's lots to see on the main streets and even in the little cobbled yards like Abbey Green seen here. And yes, there happens to be a little bead shop down that way (not that I need any more of those these days!)

Northumberland Place is one of my favourite little narrow backstreets (and a quick cut through from the main street to the Guildhall Market which is a great place to browse for crafting bits & pieces!).  The shops may have changed over the years but it still retains alot of character. The eagle eyed among you might just spot 'The Makery Emporium' which is full of vintage and unusual pretties from buttons, fabrics, paper and more!

No crafting mission to Bath would be complete without seeking out this little treasure of a shop.. it's tucked away down the end of Old Orchard Street - a tiny shop crammed full of beautiful yarns simply called 'Wool' and it's a must for crochet & knitting addicts! Talking of crafting addicts, I guess I'd better give you a quick peep at some of my haul...

As you can see, this time it largely comprises of fabrics, some threads & yarns that I just couldn't resist and of course, I've already started making with several items so I may be quiet for a few days...

Happy crafting!

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