Friday, 24 August 2012


Have I been quiet lately... well, that's largely down to having had a few new video projects on my 'to do' list at the end of last week. I try to make them fairly regularly for my You Tube channel 'BeadClub' which  I set up back in 2008. It originally featured just beading & jewellery tutorials aimed at those wanting to learn the basic techniques such as making simple or wrapped loops, how to string a pendant and so on because there weren't many good tutorials out there at the time and only a handful of magazines plus my bead shop customers would often ask me how to do this or that.  

When I watch my early videos it does make me cringe a bit because I think I sound very 'teacher-ish' which is not quite the same as everyday real life!  I am pretty sure my videographer skills have improved alot by now too and I seem to have helped spawn a generation of 'hands only' videos (I never felt it necessary to show my whole body when all viewers really want to see is the actual techniques!) Still,  people seemed to like them and encouraged by the response I was getting from the YT community and the increasing number of subs I have carried on adding to the library over the past few years! 

I have recently started to make other crafting technique videos which makes it a bit more challenging too. My latest videos are a continuation of my 'How to Crochet' series and I had lots of fun making up these little crochet friendship bracelets to demonstrate how double crochet stitches can be used in more ways than one (and not just for the usual yarn type projects). 

crochet friendship bracelet

They are so simple to make - if you fancy having a go zip on over to my channel here and watch how it's done.  It's the sort of mini-make that can be very addictive....

Enjoy xxx