Sunday, 31 March 2013

Spring cleaning, chocolate & a Fox amongst the chickens!

Origami paper fox
Who's that peeping out behind the basket...?
Happy Easter!  I hope you are surrounded by all things yummy today - we certainly seem to have had a massive amount of chocolate appear in our house this morning which will probably take a while to clear!

Talking of  clearing, I recently ran a last ever sale and closed down my bead shop in order to be able to move on a little (workwise) and, with a zillion beads to still sort out & get rid of, have started to knuckle down to the task of sorting out and re-organising my 'creative space'. I guess you could call it Spring Cleaning and of course, what it has really done is reveal just how much of a total hoarder I really am!  There are things I could never find when I needed them and others that are long forgotten but I am doing my best to sort everything out.... 
somewhere in this here pile is something very useful (....I think)
(don't even ask me why I have an old Thunderbirds game in this pile!)

Anyway, I will get there and it should mean that I have a much better space in which to sit, create & dream.  

To kick start the re-vamp I popped off to Ikea and bought 2 nice new white tables (to help give me a sense of clarity) and, now I've got them all set up and have spent a few days sorting around them, I thought I should really stop and test them out  - just to see if they are up to the job.... and so here we are with another little make and all those Easter chickies had better watch out!

Meet Mr Fox...

As you can see, Mr Fox is made of paper and I think he's rather cute!  He's very simple to make and all you need is a square of paper to practise with.  

Want to make your own paper Fox?  Just follow these steps....
 (1)  Begin by folding your square of paper from one corner to another (as shown) to form a triangle...

(2)Fold the triangle in half to give you a centre crease then open back up...
(3) Now use that centre crease as a guide for bringing one of the sides inwards as shown

(4)Do the same on the other side...and you should end up with a square shape like in the picture above
(5)Fold in half 'backwards'...
(6)Hold it down on a flat surface..

(7) Fold the side section over as shown... 

(It should now look like this)

(8) Now open the 'concertina' bit outwards as shown above..

(9) Bend the middle point down to form the 'face'

(10) Put a bend in the 'tail'...

(11 Draw in some foxy face features..(you can also 'open' his mouth if you want!)

Stand him up and put another small kink in his tail and he's done!

Now you'd best go tell those chickens to watch out...
He's coming...

Watch out chickies!
Well, I think I can say the tables are fit to work on so I'd better be off to do some more tidying... and maybe eat a little of that chocolate :-)

Happy Making!

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