Thursday, 21 March 2013

Quick crochet make...anyone for Easter bunny bunting?

crochet bunny bunting
Hi there!  It's a dull old day and the start of the school holidays so thought I pop another quick Eastery make on the blog for you. It's some crocheted mini-bunny decorations (must be having a fad on making everything small... don't ask me why - I just go with the flow!) I'm thinking that if you made lots, and maybe some flowers, you could even make them into 'mini-bunny-bunting' to string around the branches which would be uber cute. They are also super fast to make so you've got plenty of time to get making them in good time for Easter.  

So let's get started.....grab your 0.3mm crochet hook and some fine white dk yarn and start out with a magic circle...

....and make 2 ch into it

Now make 5 dc into the ring...

Join back to the 2 ch to make a circle...

Make 2 dc in each dc all the way around then make 4 ch...

...then make 1  x triple treble into the same stitch (i.e. first dc) make 3 ch and ss to same stitch again (you should end up with a cluster that makes up the first bunny 'ear' as shown above) ss in the next 2 dcs (to move the thread along), then make 3 ch make a triple treble in the same space 
...followed by 4 ch and ss back to the same stitch again to complete the second bunny 'ear' cluster

To complete the bunny head, now work a row of 1 dc in each dc all the way around.  Cut the thread and finish off.

Use a little embroidery thread to add the nose, mouth & eyes in a style of your choosing...

...all done and you are ready to make some more!

Don't forget to make some little flowers for your bunting - I put some small pearly shell buttons into the middles of mine..

(I'll write up the pattern for these later)

I'm thinking I might deserve a little early easter chocolate after all this work... 

Enjoy xxxx

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