Friday, 5 April 2013

Fashion, Monochrome & Daisies...

retro 60s necklaceThe decorating, bead sorting & clearing up is still going on but I'm making sure I have enough left to play with and now I'm itching to get going with a new project (getting a bit bored with all work and no play!) 

I also think I am over chocolate for a while, having been far too indulgent in recent weeks (well... you just have to join in don't you!) and I feel the need to move on to simpler things.  So, what can be simpler than 'Monochrome' - something that is trending all over fashion houses this spring! 
black and white daisy beads

I can't resist a bit of fast fashion making so, I've pulled out some very 'Mary Quant' style daisy beads and a few black & white acrylic beads from my stash and made a retro 60's style necklace that should bring you bang up to trend without the spend (I may have just created a new catch phrase there!)

To make this fun & stylish necklace just follow these steps:

(1) Begin by placing a small contrasting acrylic bead in the centre of a flower bead then thread a long eye pin through the two beads at the same time.

(2) Now use round nose pliers to turn a small loop on the end of the wire (try to aim for similar size to the other end for neatness...). 

Repeat the first 2 steps to make 5 wired flower beads in total.

(3) Next, open a 10mm jump ring and use it to connect two flower beads together.

monochrome beads
(4)  Repeat step 3 until you have connect all the wired flower beads as shown above.

 (5) Thread a large (19-20mm) round acrylic bead onto an eye pin, bend the wire over at right angles, trim to around 1cm and turn a loop on the end.  

Repeat with a medium (10-12mm) size acrylic bead, then 2 small (8-9mm) acrylic beads and link them all together on one side of the necklace with 9mm jump rings.

Now repeat it all for the second side of the necklace (*adjust the amount of beads according to length required)

(6) All you need to do now is add the clasp ends to either side of the necklace (above and below) 

...and there you have it, your on trend,  monochrome  60's style necklace!

fashion spring 2013

Think I'll be wearing this one out this weekend :-)

Happy Making


  1. <3 it where did you get the daisies tho?

  2. Thanks Ann - I had these in my stash but you should be able to find them in on-line bead shops or maybe try eBay.