Monday, 28 January 2013

Snowdrops & the beaded flower experiment...

I am beginning to realise just how much inspiration I take from the garden and our semi-rural location.  Butterflies have always had a special meaning to me but other visitors such as the dragonflies, birds & flowers also seem to feature largely in my daydream makings.  I love to wander, take photos and wait to feel my crafting muse begin to stir.

Yesterday, being a Sunday with the family happy all doing their own thing and not having much planned myself (other than sipping tea, playing with the pup & a bit of random making),  was just such a day for letting my mind wander until it found something that captured it. The recent snow & ice had dissolved so I ventured outside to see if there were any new shoots peeping up.  There wasn't alot going on but then it's probably still a bit too early for many larger spring flowers but I did find this little cluster of sweetness..
They weren't fully open and their pretty little heads reminded me of demure ladies midst conversation.  I thought it would be interesting to try and make a beaded version but I wanted it to be delicate too so went off in search of some seed beads & wire (I've never yet been much of a traditional beads & thread kind of beader).

After a little trial & error (and copious cups of tea!) I ended up with my own little beaded snowdrop..
bead and wire snow drop
I think I might make a few more more so that I have a cluster and then perhaps wire them all together to make a brooch 'spray'.

I've written up a quick tutorial for it here if you fancy having a go.  And after I made the snowdrop I tried using the same kind of technique for another flower which I think would look quite pretty attached to a hair clip - what do you think?

I could see myself making more of these in varying petal shapes & colours as spring rolls into summer...

Happy flower making :-)

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