Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Tatting Trials (part II)... Owls & 'tat-doodles'

tatting owl
Owl just keep on trying!
I've been continuing to practise my tatting skills on & off through the winter and I thought it time for a little update.  A few of you might remember The Tatting Trials (Part I) where I explained I was trying to get to grips with shuttle tatting... something that had become a bit of a crafting anathema to me as I continuously failed to get it over the years.  

I'm pleased to say that I do now feel like I am making progress... albeit still quite slowly but that's probably due to the fact that I can't spend the hours and hours needed to achieve perfection and I guess I am going to have to live with the slow burn method... pick it up, have a go, put it down for a while, pick it up, have a go and so on.  

The 'Litte Red Owl' motif is my first attempt at making up a proper pattern so far on my tatting journey.

I've spent alot of time tat-doodling (=practising my tension, picots and loops) and my learning curve has not been without it's darker moments either as this messy early piece demonstrates..

However, when I'm not trying to tat before I can tat, keeping it simple usually works out ok - for example  I think am fairly good at making little daisy flowers now..

I am getting on ok with simple lacy edgings and haven't yet tried the complicated ones like my nan's collars and edging as I don't feel I am quite up there still in terms of skill level... (or have the confidence to get stuck in without getting completely lost within the pattern!)

I've discovered I quite enjoy needle tatting v. shuttle tatting but am still switching between the two for now.  Whilst tat-doodling, I've also experimented with variagated threads to see how they work out within a pattern...

And just trying out other different threads & yarns can turn out quite pleasing like this woolly flower cluster tat-doodle which has a lovely soft, gentle appearance..

I have played with heavier 'loop layering' such as in this attempt at a tatted pendant...

and of course, whilst tat-doodling,  I couldn't resist making up a Butterfly motif...

So all in all, not too bad progress to report.  I'm now adding beads to a few of my newer tat-doodles and have another 'proper' attempt at motif design under way for Valentines which, if it works out,  I may also attempt to write up for the blog.  No prizes for guessing what that might be ;-)

Whatever you are making/learning I hope you are enjoy your weekend xxx


  1. Your tatting is lovely, I bet your nan would be proud

    1. Ahh.. that's a very kind comment Angela :-)