Friday, 11 January 2013

Vintage style crochet & keeping it simple...

After the last post (where I realised I didn't have a nice pencil case to take to college...) I sat down and thought about what I could make.   Initially I thought about making a traditional style fabric pencil case but, barring the excitement of going out to buy some new bit of fabric, it didn't seem particularly challenging and I could probably just as easily go and find one to buy.

So then I thought about crocheting something in lots of bright colours and started to rummage through my yarn stash until..... I came across a small ball of natural colour 100% cotton DK tucked right at the bottom of the basket.  It looked so unassuming and kind of plain & simple but in a good way if you know what I mean?  

I got out my hooks and started to play, just seeing how it looked worked up in different stitches with different size hooks.  I really liked the 'fabric' effect of just doing row upon row of ordinary double crochet and, choosing a 4.0mm hook,  began to work up a small circle shape for the base of my design (which I now had in my head to be something sort of vintage and a bit 'different' in shape & style).  

 From that point on it just sort of grew and, when it was long enough to fit my pencils, I gave it a simple chain loop edge...

And finished off with a length of thread and a couple of beads with which to make a drawstring top...  

I do like the simplicity of it and even ummmm-ed and ahhhhh-ed about whether to add a small wooden bead to the thread ends.

crochet pencil case

I'm going to use it for my pens but it could be used to store crochet hooks or knitting needles (if made longer) or perhaps made as gift bags... there's lots of uses really.   And I guess you could also add a cardboard or felt circle base inside at the bottom to strengthen it if you wanted.  

I've written out the instructions here in case you fancy having a go:

'Vintage Style Pencil Sack'

Begin with a magic circle, 2ch into the circle then 5dc.

Row 1: 2dc in each dc all way around, ss to join

Row 2: 2ch, 2dc in next dc, 1dc, 2dc alternately all way around, ss to join

Row 3: 2ch, 2dc in next dc, *1 dc in each of next 2dc, 2dc in next dc*.   Rep from * to * all way around, ss to join.

Rows 4....  continue to increase until circle measures the intended diameter for the bottom of your sack (i.e. mine measures around 6-7cm)

Next, make a dc in each dc all the way around but only working in the back loops of each stitch, then ss to join.  

Begin another row of ordinary dc on that and so on until the sack measures 18-20cm (at least long enough to hold your pencils, hooks or such).

To finish off the top edge, * ch5, skip a st then ss to next dc* then rep from * to * all way around.

Sew a length of thread all the way around the sack, in long gathering stitches a couple of cm under the top edge, add a bead to each end and knot to secure.


Will you make one.... and if so, what do you think you will use it for?

Enjoy :-)


  1. Your pencil sack turned out great. I love the yarn you used.