Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tropical autumn...

I usually enjoy the changing of the seasons and this morning I took my coffee outside in the garden so I could make the most of the flowers that are still out doing their best to thrive in the last golden rays of autumnal sunshine!  I took a few photos for two reasons - first to be able to look at next spring when I will forget what we planted and second, because the colours are simply inspirational....

yellow flower

The warmth and colours are almost tropical and several friends have mentioned that they are off in search of warmer climates in the next month which reminded me that I had a necklace tutorial for just such an occasion!  I've been working on it some more this week and put it into a new mini-magazine style format that I am thinking of using for other projects in future and I'd love to know what you think?  

Here's the link:


And of course, if tropical colours aren't really your thing you can easily swap colour schemes to suit.....

Enjoy Making :-)

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