Sunday, 16 September 2012

Return to Downton...

Sundays just aren't Sundays without a roast dinner, the papers and a good old TV costume drama to settle down to so I admit to being quite excited at the return of Downton Abbey series tonight.  I know the stories can sometimes be a little bit... hmmm shall we say 'twee' (?) but to be honest who cares - mostly I just want Sunday evening to be nice & easy before the real world starts all over again the next day.

The thing I love most is looking at the sets, from the furniture and household paraphernalia to the fabulous costumes & jewellery (all faithful reproductions of the era aka eye candy for the vintage lover) It always seems so much more of a romantic time too with all that gentlemanly chilvary, polite conversation and stifled passion! *Sigh*

OK, I know that's a bit rose-tinted and it wasn't really all that good back in the day but it definitely cast it's influence on my choice of crafting today...

As you can see, this afternoons project was indeed a little bit 'Downton' but it is also something that is well on trend this season so I may get to wear it without looking like I'm half dressed for a costume party.  I've not made a crochet collar before so had a play with some sizing and stitches first to find my way (whilst sipping on a cup of fine english tea!)  and then had the perfect excuse to rummage through my box of vintage buttons to find just the right little pearly beauty to finish it off.

I used a 3.5mm crochet hook and some silky cotton/acrylic mix DK wool. It didn't take as long as I thought to complete the whole collar in the end and am quite pleased with the result.  I am going to try wearing it over various tops to see how it works best.

crochet collar

It wasn't a difficult pattern either and I am aiming to write it up properly later (if I can read my scribbled notes!) but before I do that I think I may just have to try it out again and maybe make a couple up for Christmas presents.

Happy Sunday crafting :-)

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