Monday, 10 September 2012

Girly crafting moments...

This weekend my son had a friend and his little sister around to play - after they had finished charging around the garden and playing with the marble run the boys asked if they could play DS together but little miss wasn't quite so interested in that and asked if we could do some 'making'.  She had spotted some mini knitted bunting flags that I was working on but had not yet learnt to knit (she is only 6) so we settled on doing some sewing.

After a quick rummage I found an old school shirt of G's and we cut out a couple of heart shapes.  I got little miss to write her name on the front in pencil and then choose what colour embroidery thread to use and away she went, sewing carefully around the lines.  As the only stitch she knew was basic running stitch we decided to go back around and fill in the gaps with a second colour and then she got very excited choosing a seed bead to 'dot' the i and the pretty daisy flower buttons to decorate the space underneath.  We added a few stitched stems and leaves, topped it off with a few more seed beads then stuffed it.  I helped sew up the side and add some ribbon of her choosing and she was pleased as pleased can be!  

handmade heart

I'd say she did the majority of the sewing herself (with a bit of guidence) and I'd forgotten what great students little girls make... their attention to detail and ability to listen & learn is so focussed - it was a real pleasure and I've promised we will make something else another time...

She tells me she is going to hang it in her bedroom- how great is that!

Happy Making :-)

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