Monday, 2 July 2012

I really am...

Addicted to Making book

Hello & Welcome!

My name is Mel and I really am addicted to making.... all kinds of things  (I always feel like I should stand when I say that outloud!) From a young age I have been strongly influenced by my Grandmother & Mothers crafting skills, combined with their thrifty leanings, and as a result it's simply become a natural part of my life to always be making... something.

I've given my blog a title to match my craft book (published 2011) which features a range of crafting project ideas from sewing to crochet, rag rugging to mosaic and decoupage and much more.  I've had some lovely feedback about the book which is inspiring as creating & writing is very much something I like to combine and which I hope to do more of in the future.

I also spend way too much time browsing second hand shops, vintage fairs and the like because I love to find all these little  inspirational bits & pieces (perhaps my next book should be Addicted to Thrifting!) Anyway, I guess this blog is a place where I can indulge my addiction and share projects, ideas, inspirations,  lovely things I've seen, talented people I've met and probably a whole lot more 'stuff' as I get going. I'll tell you about my beading exploits later too.

I'm really not expecting some sort of huge blog following but if you'd like to join me on here and see where it takes me then that would be lovely - just join me as a follower and please do say 'Hi'....

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