Monday, 5 November 2012

Cro a Mo ( to crochet a moustache for Movember!)

crochet moustache

I guess many people come to supporting a specific charity through some sort of personal experience and through it end up wanting to give back - to try and make a difference no matter how small....

Several years back I did just that and began to try & help raise awareness of prostate cancer by putting some of the Prostate Cancer UK little blue man badges on my website and it was very humbling that people bought them and I was able to send them a cheque.  One of the main things I became aware of is how this is one of a few cancers that has many viable treatment options - particularly if caught early (further information here).  Unfortunately, because one of the first symptoms is a little embarrasing many men leave it too long so awareness really is the key and I fully support the 'Movember' initiative that I am pleased to say is growing in support every year!

Last year my husband grew a 'Mo' and managed to raise a good amount £££s.  If I could 'grow a Mo' I really would....but I can't so I have decided to 'cro a Mo' instead - and I figured I would share it with you and that that will still be helping to raise awareness :-)

So ladies,  hooks at the ready please...

(1)   Beginning with a little DK wool and a 3.0mm crochet hook, cast on 5 ch.
(2)   1dc in the second ch from the hook
(3)   1dc in each of the 3 remaining chain stitches, 1ch, turn

(4)  dc2tog, dc2tog, 1ch, turn
(5)  *1dc in each dc, 1 ch, turn, repeat from * once more
(6)   2dctog, 1ch, turn

(7) *1dc, 1ch, turn then repeat from * another 3 times
(8)   2ch then fasten off
(9)   Repeat steps 1-8 to make a second half of the moustache then sew them together!
grow a mo


Now you can thread it on a stick and wear with pride..

 I am so going to regret this photo aren't I ...but then, it's all for a good cause :-)

And you can make lots in lots of colours and help get the word out and if you would like to you can make a donation to  Movember here:

Thank you xxxxx



  1. Wow, I love it! My Dad is taking part in Movember this year so I think I may just give it a go this weekend to give to him as a little momento - thanks for the pattern and the inspiration!

  2. They are ever so easy and I am sure your Dad would be amused by them! Thanks for leaving a comment and hope you have fun with them :-)