Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Spooky goings on....

pumpkin earrings
You may have noticed it's been a little bit quiet on the ADM blog this last week... listen....shhhhhhhhh....  (cue noise like a tumbleweed)  - is there something spooky going on?!

Well no, not quite yet but it will soon be Halloween so there might be at some point.  I guess you could say that the real world has been that little bit extra 'demanding' recently what with projects, family events and any spare time being spent 'prepping' for the making session at the Pound Arts Centre in Corsham.   It was quite a challenge to get two lots of craft stuff ready (plus samples) and I think I must have checked & re-checked a zillion times that I had everything we needed to be able to make fabric corsages and/or some jewellery on the day!  I'm glad to report that it all seemed to work out well  and there was plenty of creativity, chatter & smiles.

And so it's onto the next event and with Halloween always being a firm childhood favourite, I couldn't resist making up a few little projects to share.  To begin with I got busy with some large round acrylic beads and a marker pen which then, in turn, led to several little spin off project ideas for using them!

First up was my 'Jack O'Lantern' Earrings (main picture at top of blog post) which are pretty simple to make if you have a little bit of jewellery making experience and some pliers - the full step-by-steps are over on my tutorial page if you fancy having a go.

Next up was a dingly-dangly 'Mummy' charm which you could easily make into a keyring or bagcharm.  You'll just need a bit of wire, some white 'rags', glue, string and a large white round bead for the head (if you can draw better than me it helps too ;-)

beaded mummy
Then last but not least, it's one for the spooky story teller - a scary skulls book thong to dangle between the pages as they tell their blood curdling All Hallows' Eve tales to their terrified audience...

skull book thong
I'm putting the instructions for all three projects into one of my mini-make books (link here) and hope you will be inspired to enjoy creating your own set of creepy character accessories!

Until next time....   

Happy Spooky Making!

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