Tuesday, 9 October 2012

009, bow ties and ......a licence to craft

Apple squash - shaken not stirred.

Yes, that is a jelly sweet 'olive' and this week we are about all things Bond & 9yr old birthday excitement! This last quarter of the year is just about the best thing ever for G - having 2 lots of celebrations, pressies & parties in fairly quick succession (not to mention Halloween & Bonfire Night in between!).  One of his current favourites is James Bond so it is with great timing that the 50th Anniversary also falls in this month! 

With all the upcoming festivities, every Secret Agent needs to dress for dinner so 'M' (aka Mummy) has a plan and a licence to craft ;-)

ADM Productions presents.... 'You Only Stitch Once...' 

For this mission you will need some black fabric, needle,
 black cotton and scissors.

Begin by cutting a rectangle approx. 23x12cm

Fold the long edges of the rectangle to the middle

Fold each end like this..

Then fold both ends into the middle on the back...

Catch the sides with your needle and thread and
 sew them over the top of the ends. Keep the needle
and thread attached..

Cut a small piece of fabric approx. 11 x 3.5cm
 and fold it's edges to the middle as before...

Wrap it around the tie (neatest bit at front)
 and sew into place...

then stitch a brooch or safety pin to the back...

black bow tie

Ta-Da  - a bow tie fit for a mini-secret agent!
(see - there was only one lot of stitching)

 Right, I'm off to blow up balloons, sort out party food & cakes. Oh yes, and before I sign out I can let you in on another little secret...  the first blog giveaway is coming soon!

Happy Secret Crafting :-)

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