Friday, 31 October 2014

Witches, Wire & Wands

I'm still stuck in my temporary crafting space with everything squashed in around me and not much room to create but I couldn't miss doing something for Halloween!  I've done several pumpkin projects in the past so wanted something different.  I cast my eye about for an idea.  Then I saw this stick while we were on the dog walk...

As soon as I saw it I imagined it would make a great Witches Wand for Halloween!  The first thing to do was to strip it (old potato peelers are great for this task)...

I gave it a wash with some soap and left it to dry overnight.

To make the Wand 'handle' I cut a small piece of felt and hot glued it to the stick, wrapping and tucking the ends in as best as I could....

I cut a second, longer piece and glued that on to give it a longer 'handle'..

wicca wand

Next, I took some copper wire and coiled each end loosely...

and wrapped it around the join between the two pieces of felt to embellish the handle a little..

Then I took a much longer piece of wire and did a similar thing at the top of the felt but this time wrapping it all the way up the stick and then back down in a 'criss-cross' fashion.

I used tweezers to 'tweak' the wire which both added a nice effect and tightened it onto the stick.
how to make a beaded wand

After that I just got hold of lots of beads, charms and glass nuggets and, using a dark green covered wire,  began to wrap and attach them all the way up and down the stick in a random fashion (from the handle to the tip).
wire and bead wand

beads and wire wand

A final piece of copper wire was added to the tip  - it's really up to you how you decorate your wand - just go wild!

All you need now is a tall black pointy hat and you are ready to cast a few spells ;-)
witches wicca halloween wand

Happy Halloween!

All photos & text (c) Addicted to Making 2014

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