Saturday, 27 July 2013

HRH Prince George & tiny crochet booties...

Well I can hardly give this week's major event a miss can I so...

                   Congratulations to Kate & Wills

new royal baby boy

The birth of a new baby is always such lovely, special news and it seems like we have been waiting for this new arrival forever.  The weather has been almost Shakespearean with it's hot, midsummer nights that seemed to mirror our anticipation of the great event, quickly followed by tempestuous thunder storms that began to rattle around the UK almost as soon as the new Prince was born!

Ever since HRH Prince George Alexander Louis first wiggled those tiny little fingers at the cameras waiting to catch a glimpse of him on the steps of the Lindo Wing, I've been thinking how to celebrate with a blog make and eventually came up with the idea of some small pale blue booties... but for something a little different these are not 'real' ones, instead they are cute little motifs that you could use in all sorts of ways (especially if you are into handmade cards or scrapbooking!)

It's all just been too exciting and without further ado I shall guide you through the step-by-steps....

First, gather together a 3mm crochet hook and some fine cotton yarn in the palest baby blue you can find.....

1) Begin with a magic circle and ch2 into it

2) Make 5dc into the ring and 1ch

3) ss to join to the first ch sp back at the beginning to form a circle

4) 2ch, turn
then 1dc in same dc as ch, 2dc

step by step crochet

5) 2ch,  turn
then as before, 1dc in same dc as ch, 2dc

6)  First repeat step (5)  then 2ch, turn

and work 1dc into the last dc of previous row, then carry on in same direction with 2 more dc

7) 2ch,  turn
 1dc in same dc as ch, 2dc

mini crochet booties

8) Turn and work a ss or two in each stitch along to top and side edges to neaten (or just sew around with thread). 

9) Finish off and pull to shape.

10) Sew in the loose threads, or chain the ends & add bows or other embellishments of your choosing.

new royal baby Prince George

Happy Making xxxx

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